O Levels Islamiyat Urdu/Hindi

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Course Accessibility & Duration

We offer quarterly batches so any student enrolling for a particular quarter will be given the access for that quarter only irrespective of whenever the student registers for the course for that quarter. 

These are the schedule for following batches:

March batch will start from 15th of December till 14th of March, 

June batch will start from 15th of March till 14th of June,

September batch will start from 15th of June till 14th of September,

December batch will start from 15th of September till 14th of December,

In case any student enrolled themselves after the starting date i.e. one or two months later, the batch will end on the same date as given.


sku: crash-course-o-levels-islamiat


O Levels Islamiyat

This course is designed to give students an additional level of confidence as it will enhance students comprehension of important topics by looking at innovative video lectures . 

Learners will also be tested through quizzes and assignments and in the end just before final exams, instructors will conduct a thorough  rapid fire live webinar which will answer any last minute questions and confusions.

Additional Information

Instructor : Fazil Maniya

Course : Cambridge O Level Islamiyat (2058)

Discount Code : "funlearn"

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